Public Law

We involved in the matter from the first day doing a rigorous study of it and analyzing the different possibilities.

In the Public Law department, being fully aware of the great complexity that usually surrounds issues related to public law, we continuously strive to find the best possible solution for the client.

For this, we get involved in the matter from the first day making a rigorous study of it and analyzing the different possibilities, trying at the same time to be as transparent as possible with the client so that he can know the concrete state of his business at all times.


In order that our clients can know a relationship of what we do, here we leave a list of the matters that, in terms of administrative law, we usually work in the department:

  • Contentious-administrative and constitutional.

  • Forced expropriation.

  • Infringements and sanctions.

  • Aids and subsidies.

  • Public goods (waters, coasts, mines, ports, properties owned by the different public administrations).

  • Patrimonial responsibility of public administrations.

  • Environment.

  • Actions before the accounts control and audit bodies.


In terms of administrative contracting, the firm has extensive experience. Among the matters which we can help our clients we can highlight the following:

  • Elaboration of administrative clauses documents.

  • Review of specifications for possible challenge procedures.

  • Legal assistance to contracting tables.

  • Elaboration of resources against decisions adopted by the competent bodies in the matter of contracting.

  • Assistance in the preparation of bids for public tender.


We are specialists in urban law and can provide legal advice to our clients in each and every one of the urban planning operations : planning, management and urban execution. Among the matters in which we can provide advice, we would like to highlight the following:

  • Planning

  • Urban management:

    • Compensation boards, conservation entities, etc.

    • Equidistribution projects.

  • Urban licenses.

  • Planning agreements: drafting, negotiation and processing.

  • Records of replenishment of the urban legality (demolitions, legalizations, etc.).

  • Sanctioning proceedings in urban matters.


In recent years in our law firm we have advised many public employees, both statutory staff and labor personnel. Our legal advice covers multiple subjects, highlighting the following:

  • Disciplinary records.

  • Layoffs

  • Mobility

  • Economic benefits.

  • Ceses.

  • Lists of jobs post.

  • Re-entry

  • Social Security benefits.

  • Selective procedures

We are responsible for the legal management of administrative and judicial procedures that have to do with matters specific to the department, such as dismissals, sanctions, economic claims, challenge of infringement proceedings, vacations, collective disputes, etc.