Commercial law

We have extensive experience in companies sale and purchase transactions.

We have extensive experience in operations of acquisition and sale of companies, which we advise from a multidisciplinary approach integrating the different perspectives that arise in this type of business:

  • MOU, preparatory contracts and confidentiality agreements.
  • Due diligence or legal review (ownership of assets, contractual, corporate, real estate, administrative, tax, labor, procedural aspects)
  • Contracts for the sale and purchase of company shares and holdings, capital increases, mergers.
  • Pacts of partners (majorities reinforced in agreements of the Board, administrative body, rights of carry and accompaniment, agreements of permanence, exit and unblocking, dividend distribution agreements, ...)
  • Labor aspects related to the transmission.
  • Tax aspects.

We advise, also from a multidisciplinary knowledge, in the creation and start-up of business, evaluating the ideal legal vehicle and assisting the client in its constitution.

Our experience also involves the field of commercial contracts (distribution, agency, franchises, loans, guarantees, leases, insurance).

We provide specialized advisory services in the field of Corporate Law, Corporate Entities Management, assistance to Boards of Directors and General Meetings, social books, and in other aspects related to the organic functioning of capital companies, specifically including structural changes (transformations, mergers, splits, global rights transfers).

Our specialty also covers legal counsel in legal actions related to corporate and commercial matters (legal challenges to corporate resolutions, corporate administrator responsibilities, commercial contracts).

We have extensive experience in advising financial restructuring operations and insolvency processes, in this case both from the perspective of the debtor and the creditors. Our services range from refinancing negotiations and eventual presentation of the tender application, with a thorough previous analysis of its consequences, to the bankruptcy liability of administrators, including advice on hiring and recognition of credits, reintegration actions, bankruptcy agreements and the termination of labour relations in the bankruptcy proceedings.