Labor law

We attend to the concerns that are generated every day in the environment of labor relations.

With an international vocation and full respect for the ILO´s standards of decent work, we address the concerns that are generated in the workplace on a day-to-day basis and we solve them through a close recurring advice, with a view to conflict prevention and corporate social responsibility.

We are involved in the negotiation of collective agreements, as well as any collective conflict that arises in the interpretation and/or application of a standard; singularly in everything that concerns substantial changes in labor conditions, collective layoff, transfers of staff, non-application of agreements and any other business measure required to modernize and adapt labor relations to the needs that are required. We also intervene in direct advice on the prevention of occupational risks, work accidents and occupational diseases.

We are responsible for the legal management of administrative and judicial procedures that have to do with matters specific to the department, such as dismissals, sanctions, economic claims, challenge of infringement proceedings, vacations, collective disputes, etc.